it's time for radar

Just as the digital camera has propagated over the last 20 years or so, and more recently the deployment of LiDAR for perception, now it’s time for radar.  At Zadar we see a future where every system that perceives the world is better with radar.

Our vision is to empower critical perception systems with flexible, high performance radar platforms. We don’t make black boxes, we collaborate and build solutions. Our focus is on opening up new opportunities to advance autonomous systems’ capabilities and safety.

Our founders, Mahmoud and Mo saw a need for better radar. Both coming from a background in autonomous vehicle development, they experienced first hand the many barriers to radar implementation as well as the challenges in performance. Zadar was founded on the idea that radar should be a tool, not a hurdle.

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our founders


Mahmoud Saadat

Co-founder and CEO

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Mo Emadi

Co-founder and CTO

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Mahmoud has developed advanced hardware systems for autonomous applications at Lyft, Zoox, and Apple. Mo is a world-class expert who has developed next generation wifi systems at Qualcomm, several imaging radar systems at Cornell and previously led the radar team for Lyft’s Level 5 Autonomous Division.

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