Smart infrastructure and security

Zadar provides 60GHz SDIR platforms to accurately detect people, animals, bicycles, and vehicles from room-scale to city-scale deployments.

Privacy-Conscious Monitoring

Indoor Occupancy and Security

Count people and determine traffic patterns effectively without dealing with high-bandwidth, privacy sensitive camera video streams.

Sensitive areas such as datacenters and swimming pools cannot have IP and privacy-violating camera coverage. Our radar platforms can detect and track moving objects, but are unable to collect any sensitive intellectual property or personally identifiable information (PII).

Our compact 60GHz platforms can be installed on the ceiling, in a wall, or above doorways for unlimited flexibility.

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Smart Infrastructure

Traffic and Pedestrian Management

Detect and track cars, trucks, bicyclists, and pedestrians at intersections automatically with our high resolution radar platform. Use our tracked and classified object output to intelligently direct the flow of traffic based on detailed intersection conditions such as pedestrian crossings, bicyclists on the road, and number of stopped vehicles. Safely eliminate dilemma zones with long-range classification that measures speed and distinguishes between cars and large trucks.

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With a wide 120° field of view and 200+ meter range, two of our versatile radar sensors can cover an entire intersection, eliminating the need for expensive inductive loop installation and maintenance. Automatic multi-radar alignment eliminates the time needed to calibrate traffic lanes.

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Infrastructure Security

Virtual Fencing

Protect medium to large-size areas up to 500 meters effectively with active radar-based intrusion detection. Because our high-resolution sensing platform accurately detects both motion and location, property boundaries can be precisely defined.

Virtually fence property or infrastructure such as pipelines and powerlines. Our zVUE Radar Operating System classifies between humans, animals, and vehicles for increased insight and few false alarms.

Our robust radar platforms work in any lighting condition and are immune to rain, snow, fog, dust, and interference for 24/7 reliability. Simple installations and low maintenance combined with long-range coverage minimizes installed cost per square foot compared to other sensing technologies.

Comprehensive Solutions

Scalable Platforms for Every Use Case

Our zVUE Radar Operating System integrates with our software-defined radar sensors to create a flexible sensing platform that can scale to meet any stationary use case from room-scale to city-scale applications.

Whether it's near-field occupancy or long-range highway traffic management, zVUE can automatically align, synchronize, fuse, and postprocess the point cloud from all your radars to give your smart infrastructure the data it needs for safe, intelligent operation.

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