zPRIME 2.0

zPRIME is the first 4D radar sensor to deliver lidar-like resolution without compromise, engineered for high performance machine learning applications.

Limitless range, wide FOV

See up to 1,000 meters away over a continuous 120° horizontal field of view. zPRIME detects obstacles 4x further than other sensors, unlocking safe highway-speed navigation for trucking.

Active weather immunity

Our active millimeter-wave operation means that our sensors are unaffected by rain, snow, smoke, fog, dust, and dirt. zPRIME's reliable operation helps expand your operational design domain to include nighttime, bad weather, and dirty environments.

zPRIME radar sensor specifications

Horizontal Field of View


Horizontal Resolution


Vertical Field of View

24° or optional 50°

Vertical Resolution


Multimode Max Range

50 ~ 1000 meters

Multimode Range Resolution

0.05 ~ 2 meter

Maximum Velocity Range

130 meters/sec

Doppler Velocity Resolution

0.1 ~ 1 meter/sec


76-81 GHz

Frame Rate

10 Hz

Power Consumption

22 Watts


490 g


14 x 10.3 x 3.2 cm

Ingress Protection

IP68 2-meter

Temperature Range

-40 ~ 85° C

Data Interface

1000BASE-T1 or PoE

Standard Zadar family features:

  • Integrated operation with zVUE radar operating platform
  • SDIR engine allows dynamic multimode reconfiguration and optimization
  • Point cloud output: range, azimuth angle, elevation angle, doppler velocity, reflectivity, signal-to-noise ratio, time stamp
  • Over-the-network firmware updates
  • Zero moving parts for ruggedness
  • RFTDMA modulation is fully immune to radar interference

Sensor-specific features:

  • 1Gbps compressed raw ADC data output available for next-gen inference applications
  • PTP time synchronization
  • Integrated low-drift IMU for SLAM applications