Autonomous vehicles and trucking

Zadar deploys comprehensive, high-performance 77GHz SDIR platforms for L4/L5 autonomous cars, trucking, shuttles, and advanced ADAS.

Vehicle vision for a safer tomorrow

The global automotive industry is introducing new levels of automation that will revolutionize the safety and efficiency of transportation forever.

Cameras and radar alone cannot guarantee safe driving and traditional analog lidar is failing to meet the automotive industry’s increasing demands for performance, reliability, and commercial viability.

Safe and efficient vehicle automation requires the performance, reliability, and commercial scale made possible by digital lidar technology. The road ahead is bright with Ouster Automotive.


Lidar-like Ultra 4D Resolution

Improve Perception and Prediction Performance

Lidar-like ultra high resolution 4D point clouds with true height and velocity measurements allow you to distinguish vehicles and pedestrians under bridges, as well as distinguish between speed bumps, manhole covers, and traffic lights. Our full-stack SDIR approach is the only radar technology that delivers this level of true resolution.

Instantaneous per-point velocity data exposes the 4th dimension where every object can be confidently detected and classified based on their unique doppler signature. Velocity data allows single-frame static/dynamic object segmentation even when your vehicle is in motion, instantly identifying objects of relevance with precision.

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Limitless Range, Wide Field of View

More Time to React

Doppler signatures in the velocity dimension do not degrade at long ranges. Radar waves also propagate over and around vehicles and median strip obstacles, allowing non-line-of-sight detection and tracking of pedestrians and cars in dense, cluttered environments.

This allows our radar platforms to instantly detect, track, and classify dynamic objects up to 800 meters away even when they are visually obscured. This gives your system unprecedented insight into the road ahead, enabling safe unprotected left turns and highway-speed operation.

Weather Immunity

Expand your Operational Design Domain

Zadar's radar platforms are non-optical sensors that are immune to changing lighting conditions and work optimally regardless of available light. Our active sensing technology maintains its long range and high resolution performance regardless of rain, fog, or dust.

This unlocks safe, high-availability autonomous operation in a wide range of latitudes and climates. Our radars also do not require cleaning, which reduces maintenance and eliminates cleaning systems.

Radar-based SLAM

High-definition Mapping and Ego Motion Estimation

Solve outdoor localization and free space segmentation even with GPS uncertainty. Our high-resolution radar platforms are a high-performance inside out positioning system.

Real-time 4D velocity data enables ego vehicle motion estimation through analysis of static environmental returns, allowing independent vehicle navigation and mapping in visually featureless and GPS denied environments such as tunnels, parking garages and urban canyons.

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Comprehensive Perception-Ready Platforms

Scalable Platforms for Every Use Case

Our zVUE Radar Operating System integrates with our software-defined radar hardware to create a flexible sensing platform that can scale to meet any use case from ADAS to robotaxis to autonomous trucking.

Whether it's near-field blind spot detection or 360° long-range detection, zVUE can automatically align, synchronize, fuse, and postprocess the point cloud from all your radars to give your perception system the data it needs for L4/L5 autonomy.

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