zVUE is a Radar Operating System that ingests your platform's radar point clouds and provides radar-aware data conditioning and preperception libraries for your software stack, improving detections by 10x.

AI Data Conditioning

zVUE has a suite of radar-specific stochastic processing algorithms to detect and eliminate common radar point cloud defects such as multipath detections and noisy points. This dramatically reduces false alarms and improves detectability.

High-definition mapping

zVUE builds maps of the environment by detecting and rejecting dynamic objects. The remaining static objects are accumulated to produce a highly detailed map of the world.

Static/dynamic segmentation

zVUE leverages 4D point cloud data and statistical processing techniques to accurately distinguish between moving and stationary objects, even when the sensor is on a moving platform.

Hardware-agnostic processing platform

Use zVUE as a preprocessing platform for new and existing radar deployments to boost perception performance. zVUE works best with our high-performance SDIR-enabled sensors.

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zVUE platform brief

Platform features:

  • Designed for perception and software teams to make the most out of radar data
  • Fully integrated operation with Zadar radar sensors
  • Common, radar hardware agnostic API for maximum performance with minimum implementation
  • 4D point cloud, sensor metadata, synchronization support, and debug logging available for detailed data analysis
  • Cross-platform compatibility with x86 and ARM
  • Native ROS package available for rapid development and integration