Industrial automation and mobile robotics

Zadar deploys 60/77GHz SDIR platforms for delivery robots, AMRs, construction and mining equipment, industrial robotics, and UAVs.

Connected Radar Fusion

360° Safety Cocoon

Protect users and eliminate blind spots around your robot or machine with full 360° high-precision 4D radar sensing. Our zPROX sensor fits in any location and haves an ultrawide 130° x 120° field of view that provides full overlapping coverage. zPROX is designed to replace ultrasonic sensors and bumper lidar.

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Our zVUE Radar Operating System automatically aligns and fuses multiple radars together to form a comprehensive high-resolution 360° surround view that can be used for navigation and obstacle avoidance.

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High Resolution 4D Point Clouds

Indoor and Outdoor SLAM

Solve indoor localization and free space segmentation without using expensive indoor positioning systems. Our zVUE Radar Operating System analyzes 4D point clouds to accurately estimate ego motion for indoor and outdoor SLAM. Our high-resolution 4D point cloud data remains accurate even in low-light, visually featureless environments where camera-based systems struggle.

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Rugged All-Condition Operation

Construction, Mining, and Agricultural Automation

Dusty, dirty, low-light conditions are a maintenance nightmare for optical sensors such as cameras and lidar. Our rugged SDIR platforms use active millimeter-wave technology that operates in the dark and is immune to environmental conditions like rain, snow, dust, and smoke.

Highly sensitive, novel radar detection algorithms allow us to consistently operate even when obscured by mud or caked-on dust, dramatically improving uptime and safety.

Robust Object Detection

Powerline and Hazard Avoidance

Detect hazards both on the ground and in the air with confidence. Our high resolution software-defined imaging radar platforms are exceptionally good at detecting stationary obstacles such as railings, curbs, boulders, and aerial power lines.

Real-time static/dynamic object segmentation allows your system to track which points belong to moving actors and which belong to the environment, even when your platform is in motion.

Comprehensive Perception-Ready Platforms

Scalable Platforms for Every Use Case

Our zVUE Radar Operating System integrates with our software-defined radar hardware to create a flexible sensing platform that can scale to meet any use case from heavy equipment to AMRs to UAVs.

Whether it's near-field blind spot detection or 360° long-range detection, zVUE can automatically align, synchronize, fuse, and postprocess the point cloud from all your radars to give your automated system the data it needs for safe, smart operation.

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